Simple, DELICIOUS, no fuss bakery. The service is always impeccable, the Burek's and bread are amazing, and the price is always right. 

When I stumbled upon this place it made my day, and I have continued to go back weekly for my freshly baked loaf. They also have a cabinet of amazing looking "breakup desserts", that would surely cure any broken heart just by looking at them. 

Take the extra 18 steps off of the 17th Avenue sidewalk to venture here, I am sure you won't be disappointed.

April V.

Calgary, Alberta

i love this place! 

took my coworkers here to introduce them to their first Burek, and it was a hit!
such a cute little deli, and the lady working in the front is so sweet! she saw that my friends had never tried Burek before, so she cut up a few little pieces for them to try! so nice!

We got a potato one, and a spinach & cheese one, and they were both so delicous! the potato one tastes like a giant perogy.

I've also had fresh bread & buns from there, and i've always been impressed. 
I have a weird condiment obsession, and this place never fails to have some sort of mustard or pickled stuff that i've never tried, as well as tons of different European candies and sweets! 

definitely a hidden gem on 17th Ave SW!

Twyla Y.

Calgary, Alberta

So you thought you knew the Red Mile, huh?

Between the trendy restaurants and bar line-ups there lives a humble bakery, nestled in the ground level of a strip mall marked only by a plain blue sign with the EU symbol. Upon entering the smell of fresh bread  is overwhelming and the glass display chock-full of vibrant mousse desserts. The owner is wonderful and inviting, selection is great and when you buy a loaf they offer to slice it on the spot. Prices are reasonable too, my favourite dark rye is $5 for a massive loaf or 2/$7.50 on day olds. 

Besides the oven made fare, they also have a plethora of packaged eastern European goodies including drinks, pickled veggies, candy, jams and pasta. Pretty much everything you can't find at Edelweiss Imports, these guys will probably have.

It's doesn't get much better than this for a neighbourhood bakery. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a spinach burek to go eat.

And the chocolate croissants, oh yes. I dare you to eat just one!

Kelsey M.

Banff, Alberta

Visited on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm for a snack. Ordered a slice of meat burek. There's also 3 other flavours to choose from. The bread was a light flaky croissant crust with a pillowy bread interior. The meat was flavourful and the boys devoured it. A slice is $5. Which is cut into 2 pieces so perfect for sharing. I also had a half order of the sausages in a bun called chevap. The meat is very tender but not heavily spiced. The mini sausages and the hot, soft bread were yummy!  It's a nice change from meat skewers in pita bread. I'd definitely return for either item and perhaps try some jams or spreads.

I'm not close to this area and we made a special trip to visit this shop. So glad we did! The owners are from Albania and the lady who served us was very helpful. They also sell Romanian groceries and other items from that region. The store also had an assortment of breads from eye, sourdough, pretzels, cheese bites etc. Way to go!!!

Do note they have limited parking spots as they're on 17 Ave and limited seating. It's basically a counter. Sorry no pics fellow Yelpers! We ate the food hot and I couldn't get the boys to stop for a pic.


Calgary, Alberta

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#160-515 17 AVE S.W. Calgary, AB T2S 0A9  T: 403-806-3768